Each session is tailored to the individual, team or event and therefore has different price points per booking.

Event photography services start at $525 per hour.

The typical commercial client spends on average $400.

The typical portrait client spends on average $300.


Why Choose Shannon Conrad Photography?

  • Shannon Conrad Photography: Elevating Brands with Tailored Visuals

    At Shannon Conrad Photography, we specialize in commercial photography, including business branding, product photography, and events. We also have limited availability for portrait photography. Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual, team, or event, ensuring customized solutions for every client. Our pricing reflects the personalized nature of our services:

    • Event Photography Services: Starting at $525 per hour.
    • Typical Commercial Client Investment: Average of $400.
    • Typical Portrait Client Investment: Average of $300.

    Discover the difference personalized photography can make for your brand.

    I provide exceptional customer service with prompt email responses and quick image turnaround, aiming to meet special deadlines without extra charges. With years of experience and my own children, I anticipate and resolve potential issues ahead of time.

    As a child photographer, I embrace kids’ unpredictable nature, bringing patience and enthusiasm to every session, which often aids in portraiture for adults and events because I can keep the flow of the event going to stay on schedule.

    I build trust with kids and clients through play, jokes and friendly banter, I also typically have a little snack or toy that can distract from the sometimes awkwardness of being at a photo session. I coach and guide clients to capture their best looks and genuine interactions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

    While Pinterest-perfect outfits are not necessary, I can assist with clothing suggestions and even choose outfits via video chat. My client closet is periodically updated with new pieces, and I work with several tailors who do custom work that I can rent for events. When you work with me, you become part of my extended family, and I genuinely care about your milestones and growth.

    Time flies, and I value the connections made with my clients throughout the years.

    Shannon Conrad Photography: Capturing Your Brand’s Brilliance.

Watch Me Grow Club

Introducing our Watch Me Grow Club, an exclusive membership designed to capture the precious milestones of your child’s first years. As a member, you’ll receive a series of beautifully tailored photo sessions that document your child’s growth, from newborn through their early years. Choose from three distinct styles to best reflect your child’s unique journey, with exclusive discounts for booking multiple styles in a single session.

Club membership requires a full session booking and is just $30 for members, while non-members can join for $50. Enjoy personalized attention, special discounts, and a keepsake album that showcases your child’s development. Join the Watch Me Grow Club and ensure you never miss a moment of your child’s precious milestones.

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